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      CarterCryo-Treating can dramatically increase the wear life of almost anything. By re-aligning the molecular structure of metallic and fibrous materials, Cryogenic treatment can make materials tougher and more wear resistant and will relieve inherent stresses within a piece. Metals such as steel, cast iron, tool steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, brass, spring steel, carbide, and others all benefit from Cryogenic treatment. Carbon fiber, rubber and composites can also benefit from Cryogenic treatment. The process is so gentle even light bulbs and computers will survive! However, we will only freeze inanimate objects... Nothing that is alive or was once alive!

      Stress relief of engine parts is a huge benefit from Cryogenic treatment. Parts like crankshafts, connecting rods, and valve springs are far less likely to break. The stress relief benefits of Cryogenic treatment also aid in dimensional stability of a part. Engine parts are much more wear resistant after Cryogenics.

      On tests I have done for myself, I have found that light bulbs not only seem to last considerably longer, but they burn brighter also! Carbide boring bar bits have bored an amazing 11 times more cylinders than non-Cryogenic Treated bits! Tooling cuts more accurately and chatters less. Cryogenic Treated parts machine better.

      Our process is computer controlled to take the temperature down slowly at the rate of 1° per minute over a 6 hour time period. Once down to -320°F, we allow the parts to "soak" for 24 hours. The temperature is then brought back to ambient room temp at the rate of 1° per minute over 6 hours or so. The entire process takes 2 days from start to finish.

Cryogenic Treatment can save you money in replacement and maintenance costs as well as help make your personal and professional life better! With such a wide range of products that may benefit from Cryogenic Treatment, why not give us a try? 

Before and after molecular structure
CarterCryo-Treatment can actually change the molecular structure into a much more uniform and evenly distributed structure!

Click HERE for pictures of two tool bits magnified 69x. One was Cryo treated, one was not.

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What can we freeze for you?

WARNING: Plastic handles and parts may crack or break and should be removed by customer prior to submitting for treatment. Customer assumes ALL risks otherwise.

Our treatments are done in multiple-item batches.
Otherwise, there is a $50 minimum charge for dedicated treatments.
Prices subject to change without notice

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