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Computer Equipment!

Cryogenic processing of computer equipment is still in the experimental stages. We have successfully CarterCryo-Treated a few computers and computer parts with no fatalities. Our process is safe for most all materials but due to the different expansion and contraction rates of different materials, we cannot be held responsible for any damage that might occur. Since Cryogenic treatment of circuit boards eliminates electronic noise and makes copper more conductive, our feelings are that CarterCryo-Treated motherboards, CPU's, video cards, sound cards, etc. will result in increased conductivity, better sound and video quality, be more receptive to overclocking and operate at cooler temperatures when stressed hard. We are still experimenting and testing these areas out to gain further data. Initial tests resulted in slightly faster hard drive operation and video card frame rates.

WARNING: Plastic handles and parts may crack or break and should be removed by customer prior to submitting for treatment. Customer assumes ALL risks otherwise.Our treatments are done in multiple-item batches.Otherwise, there is a $50 minimum charge for dedicated treatments.
Prices subject to change without notice.
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What can we freeze for you?

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