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Cryogenic Brakes!

  Cryogenic Treatment of Brakes rotors and drums can dramatically increase their service life. It also helps them to dissipate heat which in turns greatly reduces or eliminates brake fade and rotor/drum warpage in race car or emergency vehicle situations. CarterCryo-Treating the brake pads and shoes also helps these issues. Brake springs last longer and resist breakage. Even the calipers benefit through heat reduction. Companies with a fleet of vehicles can save thousands of dollars a year on brake parts and labor costs. Let us CarterCryo-Treat your brakes for a better braking experience!

WARNING: Plastic handles and parts may crack or break and should be removed by customer prior to submitting for treatment. Customer assumes ALL risks otherwise.Our treatments are done in multiple-item batches.Otherwise, there is a $50 minimum charge for dedicated treatments.
Prices subject to change without notice.
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What can we freeze for you?
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