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Cryogenic Engines!

Cryogenic Treatment of engine parts will increase the anti-wear properties of the metal. A parts life increasing 2-3 times is not uncommon. Since all stress with-in a part is completely relieved, the parts are far less likely to fail or break. Cryogenically Treated parts are far more dimensionally stable than their un-treated counterparts. Cryogenic Treatment works on the molecular level and re-aligns the molecular structure throughout the entire piece. This molecular re-alignment allows for the parts ability to dissipate heat better as well as relieving all stress with-in. Remember, stress and heat are the main killers of parts. Some of the benefits of CarterCryo-Treatment are as follows:
  1. Engine blocks: CarterCryo-Treated blocks are more dimensionally stable so the cylinders maintain their shape, allowing for better ring seal. Cylinder wall anti-wear characteristics are significantly increased. Block dissipates heat better and runs cooler!
  2. Crankshaft: CarterCryo-Treated crankshafts are stress free, maintain dimensional stability, have better harmonics, and have better anti-wear characteristics. Less likely to break.
  3. Connecting rods: CarterCryo-Treated rods are stress free and resist breaking. They dissipate heat better to help pull heat away from the bearings.
  4. Pistons: CarterCryo-Treated  pistons resist detonation and run cooler. Anti-wear characteristics are increased. Skirt life and ring groove life is extended. Piston pin life increased due to better wear characteristics. Piston ring life increased.
  5. Rod, main and cam bearings: CarterCryo-Treated bearings are more wear resistant and dissipate heat better allowing for longer bearing life.
  6. Camshaft and lifters: CarterCryo-Treated cams and lifters resist scuffing better. Cam is less likely to break from flexing.
  7. Cylinder heads: CarterCryo-Treated heads dissipate heat better, are more dimensionally stable through heating cycles, valve seats run cooler, and valves maintain a better seal. Heads resist warping.
  8. Valves: CarterCryo-Treated valves run cooler and maintain their shape better to aid in valve sealing. Stem wear is decreased.
  9. Valve springs: CarterCryo-Treated springs operate cooler, maintain their pressure longer, have better harmonics and resist breaking.
  10. Rocker arms: CarterCryo-Treated rocker arms fatigue life is increased. Rocker remain more dimensionally stable. Needle bearing life is increased. Resist breakage.
  11. Push rods: CarterCryo-Treated pushrods flex less and wear better at each end, resulting in a more stable valvetrain.
  12. Distributors, plugs, and plug wires: These all benefit also.CarterCryo-Treated plugs, plug wires and distributors are much more conductive and dissipate heat better.
WARNING: Plastic handles and parts may crack or break and should be removed by customer prior to submitting for treatment. Customer assumes ALL risks otherwise.Our treatments are done in multiple-item batches.Otherwise, there is a $50 minimum charge for dedicated treatments.
Prices subject to change without notice.
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What can we freeze for you?
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