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Cryogenic Freezing of Tools!

Machine tooling is an expensive investment. CarterCryo-Treating your tools will save you far more money than it will cost you! Let us CarterCryo-Treat all your tools today! Here are two pictures of two carbide cutter bits taken from the same batch, from the same package. Bit "A" was as delivered from manufacturer, while bit "B" was Cryo treated. Bit "A" bored 3 cylinders in a cast iron engine block. Bit "B" bored 34 cylinders in cast iron engine blocks! Bit "A" was leaving a rough finish, not boring on size, and squealing  on the third cylinder, while bit "B" was still boring a nice smooth finish, on size, and not squealing!
Bored 3 cylinders
Bit "A" Non-Cryo treated [notice the chips on the lower edge] Magnified 69x.

Bored 34 cylinders
Bit "B" Cryo treated [notice the lack of chips on the lower edge] Magnified 69x.

WARNING: Plastic handles and parts may crack or break and should be removed by customer prior to submitting for treatment. Customer assumes ALL risks otherwise.Our treatments are done in multiple-item batches.Otherwise, there is a $50 minimum charge for dedicated treatments.
Prices subject to change without notice.

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What can we freeze for you?

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